Balance bikes support the development of child

Professors and scientists from the Department Athlete Sports Sciences at the University of South Dakota US has shown that balance bikes are capable of balance and coordination while reducing the risk of injury in the children’s daily activities after four weeks of research.

Balance bikes Balance bikes are scientifically recognized for enhancing the skills of young balance.


The analysis showed a significant enhancement in the scale of the stability limit, the child has the ability to hold under different directions without losing balance with the car. The study also concluded on society will be benefited with the bike balance pedal does not act as a tool to enhance stability for children 2 to 5 years old and able to use safe alternatives Its vehicles tricycles and traditional wheels.

“Scientific evidence really is a shock to us,” Ryan McFarland, founder and CEO of Strider Sports International exclaimed. “We saw thousands of stories children learn balance and coordination when using bike Strider. And now that the evidence has been gathered to prove what we’d seen over the years – Strider vehicle significantly enhanced the development of motor skills in children through balance. Help them enjoy life on two wheels that have never had before! ”

“We think the outcome of the study was marvelous,” Dr. Andrew Shim, faculty deans Athlete Sports Sciences at the University of South Dakota American said. “According to the data, we gathered from research, Strider bike bike really enhance a child’s ability to balance. And it can completely replace the need for tricycles and vehicles fitted with wheels. ”

Biking helps your child develop height

In cycling process, the baby’s legs will be stretched out because the bike seat and neck elevated than common. Whenever they pedal down to straighten out, the baby feet can touch the pedals, so that it will make their legs lengthen faster.

You choose for their children a children’s bike and fit the baby’s height. You need to adjust the height of saddle to suit their height, as this will be help much. Allow your baby to get a habit of keeping your back straight and body while riding, this is rather essential to help kids to ride more pleasantly.

Biking helps your child develop height
Biking helps your child develop height


A study proved that the Dutch were higher in spite of the general German bikes are the similar for two countries. As the Dutch boy who always kept straight and stretched leg when biking.

Strider Sports is a manufacturer of vehicles leading balance, balance user-friendly vehicle designed to encourage school children from 18 months to go and explore the world on 2 wheels very soon, bringing love for balance to make sure the bike will be built on a more secure future, stronger power strip and more environmentally friendly.

How babies use balance bikes?

How to use the bike properly balanced?

Learning to ride a bike balance gives your child the freedom to learn at their own pace without the pressure to learn to balance immediately as on a conventional bike. On a balance bike  children began to push forward, and then move to sit, walk, then sit and run, and finally slipped and put his feet up on the ground. This process may take one or two days or a few months depending on the age and readiness of the child.

Children should be independent of the drivers of balance

However, it is a process that is easy and fun, while teaching children the skills to seamlessly transition before cycling to work. You’ll feel the difference when you see your child acting on a balance bike will alleviate any questions you may have about the extra cost of this balance bike. Most kids balance bikes mean they are “living in it”!

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