The outstanding features of balance bikes

It’s a bike for her to play comfortably without pedals, help them train more supple legs, physical health and better. Not only manufactured in the United States, Germany, but also in many others have just launched one called Nimbus bike with many advantages

The outstanding features of balance bikes
The outstanding features of balance bikes


Some advantages of the balance bike for baby:

– The weight of the bike lightest balance in the bike only 1,9kg

– The seat is low can be for 1-year-old baby and can be adjusted to a larger baby can also use this car.

– Be familiar with the vehicle easier because it can be 2 feet against the ground.

– Bicycles may help her to balance if the small incline bike can easily stand on the ground without fear of falling.

Attach according to health, age, level of agility that your baby will learn to keep your balance, coordination of body movement within two or three hours or in a few days.

A few tips on balance bikes that parents should know

The cycling school is an essential development  step for young children, often offers the very first sense of independence and freedom for a kid. This is absolutely not a thing to fear! But with some kids, it may take a couple of weeks or months to persuade them to give up the security gears to support our wheels and begin to ride their bikes as the older children.

Most children have a natural sense of balance and easily are enhanced. However, the introduction of the mounted wheels as a support stops them developing the natural instincts of the balance. On the contrary, they can depend on the support wheels, it makes them to create a wrong sense of security when moving out the wheel support, usually makes the changes to a bike suit actually becomes miserable and scaring than ever.

A few tips on balance bikes that parents should know
A few tips on balance bikes that parents should know


Experts agree that the best way for children to learn how to ride a bike is for them to master each skill separately. First, is the ability to be a balance without pedals and then are the abilities to drive and stop. Only when you are confident you can balance speed and come to a controlled stop at this young and really confident with the bike 2 real cake.

Bike balance for children new experiences extremely interesting

With a bike balanced, children can take time to learn and discover some new things with their balance bike. Thanks to this vehicle created for the young, they can completely master kids, from the capacity of controlling or orientation … to the places to go and what they can do and to be independent from adults.

Create acknowledging of how-to-independent experiences by allow them to balance the bike. Give your child something new, the skills needed much more than a bike fitted with wheel support. As the support of wheels can turn the bicycle into unwieldy, heavy bike over, and easy tumbling sideways, it will limit your child the opportunity to explore new things that just once they are cycling. When your kids have a balance bicycle, the places that they can go to will be widened and further, but remain in the monitor of parents, children can cross the small road, the road for the walking, front yard, backyard, beach … legs in this case play a role of a motor, anywhere can walk can be turned into a place for children to go surfing. Do not discourage children; leave them to discover things with the bike his balance.

Children can take a little time to get acquainted, adapted to the balance to ride, especially if your children are familiar with bicycle wheels previously supported.

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